Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hi Guys,

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I have arrived in Siem Reap after such a loooong trip. I caught a cold in Singapore and once here I rested up for a few days taking some meds. Now it is Oct 5 Wednesday.....we are a day ahead of the USA and +8 hours, when it is day here it is night there, weird, Hu? Well it is on the other side of Earth.

I have rented an apartment with internet/maid service/ and all of the normal power/water/elec. I am getting things arranged for living here. I have also sent my Passport off for a 6 month visa extension. They say it is best to be early than late and deported....LOL with this visa extension I have an unlimited ability too visit other countries as I like and re-enter Cambodia as I wish. Nice.  I will renew it again before that expires in 7 months from now.

   I am making many contacts in preparation for voluntary teaching 3d animation and digital art. I find it amazing because as poor as these people are here that they all have smart phones and walk around with them like zombies...like the rest of the World does now. I went with a normal cell phone and it costs me $1US a week. Things are much cheaper here and affords them that opportunity. Only a few have Laptops or desktop computers except for the schools even though they are really cheap, it is still expensive for them.

   I went by Tuk Tuk to the local big open Market to shop. Wo.  The people here are so nice and kind and friendly, it is so nice for a change to experience this. I was here in 2008 and traveled all of Cambodia and all of the Tourist sites. I already have the photos and videos. I have started a new photo album of Siem Reap and will post them soon. I took the above photo on tuesday as well as these:

Royal Palace

Lion Statue from Bakheng Mountains

Water Fountain at Royal Gardens

Chektes Flower

Schneider Tree at Royal Gardens

Traditional Wedding Garments

Lion Statue from Angkor Wat Temple

My Tuk Tuk at Royal Gardens

Mt Tuk Tuk and Driver (Robear) at Royal Gardens

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