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My latest art is a 3d animation Movie of my first book in the Scifi Series; The Universe vs "The Beast of Harmala". I created the movie in iClone 6 Pro and it took me about 1 year to complete and is 1 hour in length. You can view it on Youtube here:

My Scifi Books Series video Trailer
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Scifi short story Series Books Volume 1 The Universe vs  "The Beast of Harmala"
Please Click on the top menu button "The Series" to find out what the series is all about. Vol 1 is a story being told with no dialog. It is the precursor and intro to the other volumes.
My New Scifi Book Series : Series Title: "The Universe vs"The Beast of Harmala"
Vol 1
Vol 1 The Beast of Harmala   A short Story narrative style being told of the universe and its last war for Earth. In the second vol the dialog begins.  Published July 2013
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Reader Reviews for :::::: The Beast of Harmala
Review by Rikki Leigh:
One of the most unusual science fiction books I've ever read. The author took a stance that is pure narrative, with no direct character interaction, no dialogue, and yet still managed to make a story that kept my attention. As strange as it is, this book was intriguing, and left me waiting to see what the author would do with the sequels. Three stars.
Review by Christina Huntington:
The book involves every civilization in the universe, and even manages to drag earth and humanity into the battles that result. I like science fiction, but this book was strange because there was no particular hero. It was like the kind of story people tell around a campfire, with no characters to speak of, just a lot of telling what happened. I can't say it wasn't interesting, but at the same time, I wanted more. Still, it wasn't hard to finish, because I wanted to know what would happen next. I give it two stars.
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Scifi short story Series Books Volume 2 The Universe vs "Pirates of the Multiverse"
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The Universe vs Pirates of the Multiverse Reader Reviews:
Review by Christie Landon
There's a flavor to this book that reminded me of Isaac Asimov, back when he was writing the robot stories. It's not that this story is in any way similar, but there's a sense of incompletion to it, as if the story has much more that could have been written. It was enjoyable and full of adventure, though, and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.
Review by Craig Darnelle
I read this book at the request of a review committee, and found it a little confusing at first. As it went along, however, I caught on to a lot of what was making me feel that way, and it passed. I liked the way the author makes use of characters that seem to add more to the plot, then are gone for much of the story, and I liked the overall plot itself.
I give this book 3 stars.
Vol 2  Pirates of the Multiverse  A new beginning for mankind and a union of the universes within the Mulltiverse. Dialog begins here for the series. The first journey into the Multiverse and the fate of mankind.
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Scifi short story Series Books Volume 3 The Universe vs "Exploring the Multiverse"
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Readers Reviews of The Universe vs "Exploring the Multiverse"
Review by Rikki Leigh
I was glad to see the return of the main characters from the previous book in this one. This couple seems to have grown in the time that passed since their last adventures, and that made this the best of the stories so far. Exploring the Multiverse, Andronas and Neza once more come into contact with Pirates, but this time the goal of the criminal element isn't just domination of a universe, but annihilation of all species everywhere! It takes their special skill and courage to overcome and save the day. This was by far the best of the series, to date.
Review by Mark Rhodes
I got to review the first book in this series and found this one to be much more interesting. The author has given his characters some life this time, and their interactions make it a far more enjoyable read.
Two stars
Review by Christie Landon
I like the way this writer makes his stories seem almost like early Sci-Fi movies. There was a Galactic Overlord-type character in this one, and I felt very nostalgic as I read it. That said, I also liked the way his characters are developing. They're more articulate in this book than in the previous one, and seem more human (although they aren't). It's a classic Good vs Evil story, and it has a lot of fun and excitement in it. If you liked Buck Rogers, you'll enjoy this book!
Vol 3  Exploring the Multiverse  Another journey into the Multiverse leads scientists to discover the Empire and its alliance.
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Scifi short story Series Books Volume 4 The Universe vs "Rise of Lord Vadik"
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Released 10/12/2013 .... no review available as yet.
The complete 4 volumes of the Series are out now.
Scifi Short stories Series of  "The Universe vs" , these are the complete 4 vol of the series books.

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