Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Back on the Road Again

September 2016 Update

I am back on the Travel Road once again. This time I am headed back to SE Asia starting in Cambodia. I have moved out of the US Virgin Islands and back to my home state of Texas. The loss of a great and best friend Manfred Dittrich the German Sailmaker in the USVI has led me to this decision to travel again. So, I packed up and headed back to Texas to visit my family for a month and then head out for another World Adventure.

   World Travel is what I enjoy but this time things are very different as I have a 3d animation studio and that will go with me. I have a few laptops and a backpack and want to spend some time shooting video and pictures as well as volunteer teach those interested in learning 3d animation some basic ways to assist them with building website advertisements. I will also have time to write again. I decided to re-write my 4 Scifi series books (short stories) into a full blown power packed book and Movie script. Short stories seem to leave too much for the imagination to deal with so over the next year I will work on the book. I was in SE Asia in 2008 as a tourist so I covered the tourist spots already. Time and affordable places to stay offer me a great opportunity and quiet place to write. Having made friends in all of the SE Asian Countries allows me great contacts and places to travel back to safely.

   As I have retired now with a small steady income I can afford to do this comfortably and still  do some traveling. My art, pictures and videos will be another possible source of income. I am starting my quest in Siem Reap Cambodia where Angkor Wat is located with all of the 400 sq miles of Ancient Temples. I depart on Sept 27th and arrive on Sept 29th so that long flight and trip are coming up quickly now. My Travel Pictures will be posted for sale on my Art site at:

   Stay tuned to my blog and follow the Travel Adventures of Bobbyray in SE Asia and thanks for your support and following.  I use Paypal for any donations via:  and thanks for helping me on my way. You do not have to be a member of PP and can use any credit card, simply send money to a friend using my email address. Any donation at any time over the next year will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!